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Swimwear and Surfwear brand founded out of my world as a Surfer and Fashion designer

the collection was created to meet people in their advantures as well as in everyday life, it's a design game inspired from sports, city life, surf points, vacations, etc… 

I wanted the collection to be versatile, and can be used on different locations during the day, reflect our busy lifestyle, suits different needs and styles.  

Beside this need of movement and versatility, deep inside I have this ongoing yearning for quiet and peace, for togetherness, for the source. as we all one.


that’s why I named my brand Miss.U, also refer for the uniqueness of each individual!

I use high quality, unique fabrics I choose uncompromising from Israel and abroad.

I make a unique, comfy, sometimes edgy designs for everyone to find her comfortable zone, i hope to empower and inspire women around the globe to take risks, go out there and enjoy surfing!!!

From each model I make few hand made pieces

The brand is 100% Israeli production, manufactured in Tel aviv. ships worldwide.

Eco friendly

hope every women will feel confidence wearing my collection!

Roni Gorfine


שעות פתיחה

א-ה   10:00-19:00
ו       10:00-15:00


עסק מקומי, יפו

טלפון - 050-852-2242